2x3mm faceted rondelle glass beads, Solid Light Red (#67) - amakeit bead 天富
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Glass beads, 2x3mm faceted rondelle, Solid Light Red (#67) 玻璃珠, 2x3mm, 切面扁珠, 實色淺紅色 (#67)

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Glass bead

2x3mm faceted rondelle glass beads, Solid Light Red (#67), 1 strand

  • Size: about 2mm thick & 3mm wide (+0.5mm deviation)
  • Material: Glass beads
  • Color: #67 Solid Light Red
  • Quantity: About 190-200 pcs per strand
  • Price per strand

*each bead is handmade, therefore slight variations in size/shape will occur*

玻璃珠, 2x3mm, 切面扁珠, 實色淺紅色 (#67),  1條

  • 尺寸: 約2mm厚x3mm闊 (+0.5mm誤差)
  • 材料: 玻璃珠
  • 顏色: #67  實色淺紅色
  • 數量: 1條約有190-200
  • 每條計

*由於每粒玻璃珠是人手打磨,因此大小/ 形狀顆粒可能會略有不同*

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