New Collection: Spacer Stoppers


Spacers are widely used in DIY jewellery but spacer stoppers may sound strange to some of us. 

In addition to holding the beads in place on your European bracelets, spacer stoppers are gaining popularity in creating adjustable bracelets and necklaces. 

Novice DIYers sometimes find it hard to tie a nice and neat slip knot, a spacer stopper is the perfect way to replace the slip knot.

<Making an adjustable bracelet with mesh ribbon and a stopper>


The traditional way to make jewellery with adjustable lengths is to add an extension chain or a few jump rings. Now we can forget about clasps or extension chains. Simply string on the spacer stopper and add a little charm to the end of the chain (to keep the spacer stopper in place), and the bracelet will fit on your wrist perfectly!

To save yourself some time, our shop carries an open-end adjustable bracelet chain, and it fits all our links.

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